Why We Started Worcester Financial

We started Worcester Financial in 2016 after consulting with a lifelong investor and friend who successfully operated a private lending company. He pointed out that our existing business model had about 80% of the infrastructure needed to run a successful Private Lending business. We already had an acquisition team, a property management company, and a VP of Construction. In 2021, we hired a new Director of Private Lending, Sarah's deep knowledge of the banking industry allows her to see the big picture, evaluate risk and assist Worcester borrowers with tailored offerings while protecting Investor interests.

What is Worcester Financial?

Worcester Financial is an asset based, hard money lender offering our borrowers creative financing when a traditional bank loan is not an option. Our loans are short term and generally do not exceed 18 months. The loan is collateralized by real estate or a physical asset. We generally lend up to 70% of the after renovated value of the collateral. Our team underwrites the opportunities in-house and evaluates the risk based on borrower history and market conditions. Upon approval from our underwriting group, we send the opportunity to our group of over 150 accredited investors, allowing them to participate as a co-lender. Once a loan is closed, Worcester Financial acts as the servicing agent to the borrower and investor, collecting payments and issuing distributions monthly. 


Meet the Team


Joel Worcester

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Joel Worcester, Co-founder & Managing Partner, is responsible for creating and communicating the company’s vision and long-term growth strategy. Joel is a life-long real estate enthusiast and his disciplined approach to investing has been key to Worcester's steady growth.


Sarah Barrett

Director of Private Lending

As Director of Private Lending, Sarah is responsible for cultivating and originating borrower relationships and establishing Worcester’s reputation in the Private Lending sector.


Meagan Brown

Portfolio Manager

As Portfolio Manager, Meagan is responsible for Managing Worcester’s ongoing portfolio of loan clients and servicing prospective borrowers.

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Nadir Alaiwat

Business Development Associate

Nadir Alaiwat, Business Development Associate of Private Lending, is responsible for expanding market share while managing and building a strong book of business. Nadir specializes in originating fix & flip and new bridge loans throughout the company footprint by partnering with real estate investors to develop creative financing solutions that will help them achieve their goals.